About icMICS

The idea for the International Colloquium for Minorities In Cyber Security (icMICS) began in May 2013, when Lisa observed that leadership positions for minority cyber security professionals appeared limited.  While attending cyber conferences and virtual seminars, she also observed that very few minorities were featured as keynote speakers, workshop facilitators, or discussion moderators.  icMICS was born to help minority cyber security professionals gain expert-level status to attract more leadership opportunities, increase financial incomes, and have a more fulfilling cyber career. 

About the Founder


Lisa Peten is a cyber security professional who has served as an IT security Consultant for over a decade.  She has performed tasks such as IT Auditing, Risk Management and Governance, and IT security Program Management in civilian and defense agencies, healthcare, academia, and non-profits.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in Information Security Management, and is a current Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Our Mission 

icMICS is the premiere global organization for cyber professionals serving to minimize the gaps in minority leadership opportunities, income elevation, and expert-level credibility.

Our Vision 

To create perpetuity of dynamic careers in cyber security for minority professionals world-wide.


  1. Influence value-added solutions to complex cyber security issues and concerns
  2. Promote career elevation for dynamic cyber security careers
  3. Provide public speaking opportunities for all levels of cyber security professionals
  4. Be the premier resource for free or low-cost cutting edge cyber knowledge, tools, and resources
  5. Influence others to become future cyber security professionals


  1. Obtain best in class facilitators to present training on tools, techniques, skills, and technologies
  2. Partner with organizations to provide low cost/discounted benefits for members
  3. Form alliances with cyber security recruiters to limit unemployed cyber Professionals 
  4. Participate in cyber-centered speaking engagements to showcase expertise and gain additional income.
  5. Serve in a mentoring capacity to promote the cyber security profession