CYBERSECURITY and NURSING the Synonymous Quandary

Posted: 4/1/2017

Cyber security and healthcare are critical to the defense, offense, and maintenance of human lives across the world. Finding the funding to educate and provide skills to entry-level nursing and cyber professionals remains within a deep synonymous quandary. Like cyber security graduates, new registered nurses have a difficult time finding a job due to experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth for cyber security and registered nurses is expected to grow 18% and 16% by 2024 respectively, demand outpaces the hiring far and wide. To fill the gaps, the nursing profession has done a bit of homework, in which cyber could use a tutor. For example, hospitals are funding training to train new RN’s to increase retention. In addition, some hospitals require a year or two contract upon hire. Employers offering training to employees for cyber jobs is few and far between within organizations. Instead, pop-up companies such as EVOLVE Security Academy and i2Labs lead efforts to diminish supply-demand gaps. These organizations train future cyber professionals in 17-20 week cohorts of intense hands-on cyber skills training. This is a step in the right direction but the cost of the training is a factor in reaching a vast number of potential cyber professionals. The training companies do offer scholarships using established partnerships but this is a mere drop in the bucket, compared to those who could otherwise become cyber professionals. Competitive scholarships are offered through the federal government’s CyberCorps Scholarships for Service program but again, limited in reach. The nursing profession and cyber industry have both strengthened the education sector to train and provide skills to future cyber leaders. Nursing schools are forming strategic partnerships and seeking private support to help expand student capacity. Under the Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy, efforts to provide grants to hire or retain professors and adopt a cybersecurity core curriculum are underway. Jobs in cyber security and nursing continue to be in-demand now and will become even more so in the future. The strong dependencies of technology and health care in daily living have made these sectors crucial to the livelihood of even the youngest members of society. The task of filling these jobs remains an arduous task with attempts to resolve in a variety of capacities. icMICS is a supporter of these efforts in providing resume writing, cover letter creation, and interviewing techniques to prepare cyber candidates for future positions. In addition, mentors and assistance with certifications are readily available to icMICS members. Contact us for further information at

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Is It Transition Time?

Posted: 12/8/2016

How to Determine A Career Move

I relocated to the Mid-West after living my entire life on the East Coast. This move was warranted ages ago, but remained shelved until one October morning when the voice in my head boomed “You are moving to Chicago”! While my need to transition was long overdue, the uncertainty of it all fueled inaction. But on this day, especially since I had literally “checked-out” of unhappily working 14-hour days, I planned my mov.!

If statistics prove true, many of you are considering a career transition. And similar to my experience, you may be stifled in your decision to act. Things like industry trends, upward mobility, and current skills, factor into your next career move. If this is your story, asking these three questions may assist:

  1. 1) What growth opportunities exist?
  2. 2) Is the organization’s mission favorable?
  3. 3) Is work-life balance achievable?

The opportunity for growth is personal. Growth via new responsibilities, professional development, and leadership roles all factor into evaluating a career move. Growth of transferable skills such as customer service and analytical and the ability to think, communicate, and write at various levels — not to mention technical skills required for any future positions — worth weighing. When growth cannot be determined in position descriptions, interviews can offer discussions in this area. It’s a must-ask question because professional growth should be given the same consideration as salary.

Favoring the mission of a prospective organization can contribute to rapid growth in a position. Employees who are partial to their organization’s mission tend to gain greater job satisfaction, utilize personal relationships to a greater capacity, and make a stronger leader above and beyond their position.

Taking into account work-life balance needs to be considered too. Terms like “on call” and “fast paced” could signal work-life imbalances. Do not neglect evaluating what that balance should look like when also weighing a great salary or growth opportunities. This may be the very thing that prompts your next move.

Although cyber careers in any industry offer growth potential and substantial pay, it’s you who must decide if it feels like a new career at a different company feels like the right fit. icMICS is a resource to aid and assist you in identifying the skills, career interests and knowledge that makes you stand out from other candidates — your brand. Let us help you build that personal brand so you go further, faster.

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